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Welcome to POS Merchant Services, Inc.

If you're looking for smart business solutions...You've come to the right place.
This year we've added several new exciting products to our inventory line.

All items are supplied and manufactured by industry leaders such as Ingenico, Hypercom & Keycorp.
-- What's New --
LONG RANGE WIRELESS - Now you can offer customers the convenience of paying by debit anywhere. Being the first to offer mobile debit & credit is just the edge you need to get one up on your competitors.
-- POS Business Solutions --
Our debit systems lower monthly costs and increase profits while providing the most technologically advanced features in the industry.
Learn how our solutions will help your business save money.
-- MoneyBar™ LOGIN --
MoneyBar™ Small Business Edition gives you the power to profit from today's newest trend…Pre-paid gift cards.
So our solutions sound great but you're still unsure? No problem. Your goal should be to determine the best possible debit solution for your business and to become familiar with the products before making any commitments.
STEP 1 - Complete the "Free Debit Cost Analysis" or simply call our toll free number(1-866-POS-DEBIT) and one of our friendly customer care representatives will be happy to assist you.(Est. 2 minutes.)

STEP 2 - A member of staff will contact you within 24 hours to review the results of your "Debit Cost Analysis". At this point, if interested, we can schedule a meeting between yourself and one of our sales representatives to review your business in greater detail and select the system that best fits your needs. Remember, our advanced debit systems are very easy to use, provide a faster more reliable service and most importantly, save you money. (Est. 2 minutes.)
STEP 3 - You meet with a sales representative, decide on a new solution to replace your current debit system. Review the saving and compare the cost to that of your old system and answer any questions you may have. We sign a service agreement and the representative sets up a date to install a new debit terminal in your business. (Est. 15 minutes.)
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