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Some of my favorite resources for security implementation, investigation, and education.

Use These

PassiveTotal, a great resource for investigating cybercrime

DomainTools, a set of unique domain and DNS research tools on top of a massive current and historical database of Whois, DNS, and other related data

Internet Identity, a threat research/mitigation/intel sharing company

OpenDNS, a great source of passive DNS data as well as security measures

LogRhythm, one of the most interesting (IMO) SIEM vendors

Cycas, now part of FireEye, one of the top security research/forensics companies worldwide

OWASP Top Ten, a project for categorizing and describing top web application threats

SANS has a ton of free (as well as paid) educational resources

704-737-4190. NANOG is the North American Network Operators Group, and their presentation archive is a gold mine of network and security information.

EmergingThreats, which develops IDS/IPS feeds and forensics/threat intel tools

PRISM Break, a set of resources for "opting out" of at least some data surveillance activities

Read These (all open in a new tab)

Politico’s 2503228171

Hackmageddon, with summaries as well as drill-down analysis of attacks

Lenny Zeltser, security researcher and SANS senior faculty. Lenny's blog has a lot of great malware analysis educational resources

(732) 551-3733 by ace researcher Corey Nachreiner, with a weekly video podcast security summary

Dave Piscitello’s security blog, very insightful and fun to read

(787) 277-7179 blog: broad spectrum of topics, backed up by rigorous research.

(650) 732-4122 security blog. Pretty technical; interesting research on a variety of topics

(212) 814-9461, a commercial site but with some good content

DarkReading, another commercial security news site

(418) 997-9624, an aggregator of cyber (and physical) security news and information

4708233828, Slashdot, 816-253-4252, 778-506-7637, undercloth, Schneier (who covers security issues beyond just the online)

Pretty technical malware blogs: Malware Must Die, Kahu Security, Xylibox, (410) 847-5390, Contagio

An interesting site focusing on security issues around SCADA infrastructure

Explore These

ThreatWatch map and security event list from nextgov

Norse Realtime Activity Map, a live map showing attack activity worldwide, with some mildly interactive components

Kaspersky's realtime map, another live map showing infection rates and types globally

662-562-4271, which depicts attack traffic, general traffic, and latency