Pastor Victor Aigbeghian

Senior Pastor

Welcome to New Generation Chapel, a place where destinies are actualized. Our prayer for you is that God Almighty baptize you with the Holy Spirit and give you a fresh revelation of His Word. May he empower you to carry out His will and purpose for your life and make you an effective witness of the joy of knowing Him to others.

Furthermore, my wife and I pray the joy, prosperity and peace that God has promised to all His children who follow Him be reflected in your home. We bless your children, the fruit of your body.

We speak life into your marriage, your ministry and your mission. As you rest at night, we pray you rest in Him and arise refreshed for we need you. Your prayers, your support and your love are important to us. We pray you will take good care of yourself. Remain blessed in Jesus’ name.

Worship With Us


Sundays at 11am and 12:30pm Wednesdays at 7pm Fridays at 7pm


Calle Tagoror 17 El Fraile, Tenerife, Spain

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Come with Expectations because Your Miracle is on the way!

Jesus Christ is the only Way!
“There is salvation in no one else! God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved.”

Acts 4:12